Networking always used to be the domain of companies but home networks are now common. More and more households are turning to networking to link computers together to share their internet, their files and printers.
Most equipment used for the receipt of broadband nowadays uses networking hardware (the internet is just one big network). Networking falls into two main areas :

Wired networking
With wired networking all the machines are connected to a Hub or router using networking data cables (Ethernet cables). The router takes care of "routing" the signals between the machines. This type of networking is  easier to set up but does mean that you have to physically run cables between the various pieces of equipment and this is not practical in many cases.

Wireless networking
Here the equipment is connected to the router using a radio frequency. This type of networking is a little more difficult to set up but does mean that you are not tethered to the router by a cable. People with laptops often opt for wireless networking as it means they can move from room to room with their laptop but maintain connection to their other PCs, printers and the internet.

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