An all too familiar problem for users is an infection by one of the many forms of viruses available. Often the signs of an infection are not that evident. An infection could manifest itself in a slow internet connection, being diverted to sites you did not intend to go to or a proliferation of pop-ups when on the internet.
If you are worried that you may be infected contact us and we can run a series of diagnostic tests and scans which will clean off any infections.

If you need a security product or have any questions about your current protection then contact us and we can discuss your needs and recommend any changes or additions that may be required.

Security Tips :
  • Make sure your security software is reliable and up to date.
  • Ensure that all files introduced onto your machine are scanned by your security software - most packages will do this automatically.
  • If your security software warns you about opening a file, do check it out before you proceed as it may be trying to prevent you from introducing a virus onto your machine.
  • Never open an email from an address you do not recognise.
  • Never open email attachments unless you are confident they have been sent by a reliable source.