If you are buying your first PC or replacing an existing one we can help you through the selection and ordering process. Once the machine arrives we can install and configure it to your requirements.

It is our policy not to supply new PCs because we cannot compete with the large organisations on price. We could have acted as an intermediary however this would have meant  putting a mark-up on the new PC which would add to the cost.There are also third party warranty issues which could cause delays in claims if something goes wrong.



Upgrades and Replacements

One of the most common reasons for a machine operating slowly is a lack of RAM ( memory) - Installing more RAM will speed up the machine and extend its life as the operating system moves on.

Running out of disk space is another common problem which is easily solved by upgrading the hard drive and transferring the data to the new drive.

Need to replace that old printer / scanner / screen / keyboard / mouse etc

Contact us and we can arrange a visit to assess the problem and arrange the correct upgrade.